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2017 Spring Rec Soccer

2017 Spring Rec Soccer
Regular Registrations End Saturday, December 31st, 2016.
Late Registrations are accepted through January 15 and are charged a $20 late fee.

2016-17 Basketball Fall & Winter Programs

Registration is closed


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Please note: The Greater Cleveland Athletic Association is located in the Clayton/Garner area of Johnston County, North Carolina. We are NOT in Cleveland, Ohio or Cleveland, Tennessee and we are NOT in Cleveland County, North Carolina. If you live in those areas you probably have reached this page in error and probably don't want to register your children to play with our club.... unless you don't mind the long commute to practices and games each week. :-)


If you attempt to pay for a registration using a debit card and it is declined for some reason (typically due to an Address Verification System (AVS) mismatch of your entered zip code to what your bank has on file), your banking institution may place a “hold” on your funds equal to the amount of the transaction. Though your card is not actually charged this amount (i.e. GCAA will not be able to collect the money from your account and your registration will not be considered complete), the hold WILL decrease the available funds within your account. It can take several days for this hold to be released, depending on the card’s issuing bank. The release of funds is controlled by YOUR BANK... not GCAA. GCAA is NOT Responsible for any bounced checks or insufficient fund charges that you may experience due to failed transactions with your debit card.

MULTIPLE ATTEMPTS/DECLINES MAY CREATE ADDITIONAL HOLDS ON YOUR BANKING ACCOUNT. It is recommended that you use a credit card or other form of payment if your debit card transaction is initially declined. DO NOT ATTEMPT MULTIPLE CHARGES ON A FAILED DEBIT CARD!!!

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